Looking for Luke and Megan

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Update: Found them, thanks to Facebook.

I've been trying to work out how to track down a couple of friends of mine who I met about nine years ago in Byron Bay. I've lost their parent's phone numbers and I know they also moved since we last spoke so I don't really have any way of contacting them. So I thought I'd write a blog post with their names in and see if they or their friends respond.

We were friends for around 8 months back in 1995, we lived at Belongil Fields together in Byron Bay. Megan had a VW Camper and we used to have a lot of fun together, I remember driving for hours trying to find a party in the forest somewhere with mad Kaseem being chauffuered by two blonde swedish girls in his Mercedes, while Luke and I drove Megan's camper.

We took it in turns to sit on the spare wheel on the front of the van while it rained and we drove around twisting and turning unsealed roads in the darkness. We finally wound up at the Rainbow Temple, not that we knew what it was at the time and proceeded to get stuck in the mud. We tried for about an hour to get the camper out and finally gave up and went to sleep. Little did we know that we would wake up to lots of irate hippies who had heard us revving our van for ages while they tried to sleep. Lazy buggers couldn't be bothered to get up and help though...

I guess this will only make sense if you are one of the two people, Luke Young or Megan Jager. I figure one of you two might do a google search at some point, maybe with my name, spelled Tanc, Tank or Tancredi and maybe with your name. I can't remember the exact spelling for Megan Jager, maybe its Jagger?

Anyway, if either of you come across this post, or maybe one of your friends might recognise a name, who knows...


Facebook, what a wonderful tool for getting in contact with people. I managed to find Meg on Facebook and we're going to meet up in a few weeks. Success!


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Ber216.06.09 / 17PM

Facebook is very useful to find someone you want to meet.

web hosting15.06.09 / 17PM

I have tried using FB in searching a few friends and i did find them. Others found me...

Nice post.

Scott Gostyla03.04.08 / 1AM

Recently John Reese wrote about facebook being a benefit in his business, and people flooded in to the service. Lot's of "doubters" about the whole scene too.

Jeff Gordon20.03.08 / 4AM

great stuff

PKayne28.02.08 / 4AM

That's absolutely great news!!!!! So social networks aren't total time wasters. It's really great how these services help make the globe so much smaller.

Tancredi27.02.08 / 7AM

Hi PKayne, I guess I should update that article because I did end up finding them, through Facebook too. Luckily one of my friends had signed up and I was able to find them by searching for their name. Although she didn't respond as I'm guessing she doesn't use Facebook much I was able to contact one of her friends who supplied her phone number and I got in contact that way. I've booked a flight to go and visit them and finally we get to meet up after about 11 years!

PKayne27.02.08 / 7AM

Try Facebook. When I talk with different people about this service they always comment that one thing good about it is that they were able to get back in touch with people that they were friends or knew years ago. So it's not entirely useless. I personally have reconnected with family, people I knew in secondary school, even some old chums from primary school.

Facebook also offers friend search applications which may help you find them or them find you (granted if they have join the cult of facebook).