Abode Photoshop CS3 fix for crash on Save

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A quick post to describe a possible solution for fixing an issue I had where Photoshop CS3 kept crashing on trying to Save.

My solution was to delete the mediabrowser preference file, located in your home preferences folder. The path would be: /Users/myhome/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.mediabrowser.plist
Just delete this file and Photoshop will recreate it when you next open it. I also deleted the file com.adobe.Photoshop.plist for good measure, so I don't know which of these files actually cures the issue.

I hope this helps someone who is having the same issues.


Hmm... was still having the crashes at times so I reinstalled everything and its working fine now.

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Richard Winter23.01.08 / 2AM

Twice when saving from Fireworks CS3 back to my server it has crashed my system and the server loosing months of work. This im going to down rank back to CS2 for the time being as latest Adobe Update seems to be causing all types of CS3 Problems.

Janelle12.01.08 / 4AM

Version Cue was the fix for me as well. This is been an ongoing problem for a couple months with CS3 and I have been limping along using Fireworks. However, when dealing with print promotional materials, Fireworks doesn’t handle CMYK.

For others looking for answers, this initially began as a “Save as” problem only when I used a keystroke shortcut (CTRL+Shift+S). Then, it became a general “Save As” problem, which recently became a “Save” problem as well, regardless of whether or not I was using a shortcut. I run XP-Pro. The Adobe forums were no help.

CS3 seems buggy! I’ve had Dreamweaver problems as well.

Chris Luebcke08.01.08 / 11AM

THANK YOU! I hate it when people write in all caps, but I’ve been banging my head for hours today, and simply disabling version cue (I also restarted CS3 for good measure) fixed the problem.

Raj03.01.08 / 16PM

thanks lot…..its working……………………………;)

Colleen13.12.07 / 7AM

Just found this tech note after unsuccessfully trying several solutions. This finally worked for me! whew!

Art Holiday10.12.07 / 7AM

Thank you so much everyone, I was having the same issue on my Intel mac at work, but not my PPC mac at home with CS3, specifically saving any new files the programs would crash. I uninstalled and reinstalled a half dozen times thinking that I had a lemon disk from Adobe. Apparently a Cue* upgrade ousted my ability to work.

*which I never actually use

Sigurdur Armannsson02.12.07 / 9AM

Thanks all very much for posting this. In my case it was Version Cue.

Josh26.11.07 / 14PM

Wow, this really got me out of a tight spot! Glad you posted this!

Mey Li24.11.07 / 13PM

.< Thank you !!

Brian13.11.07 / 8AM

Turning off Version Cue solved the problem for Photoshop for me but not for Illustrator or InDesign.

I uninstalled, wiped the registry, then reinstalled every option excluding Version Cue Server. Things seem to work fine today.

This is on XP SP2. So far have had no problems on OS X.

Derek27.03.08 / 5AM

Switching off Version Cue solved it for me too.

I guess I shouldn't have clicked on that Adobe Updater yesterday.

I am extremely grateful for the help I've received here.

All the best, Derek

Solarom29.07.09 / 18PM

I went though Hell and back with this issue. Dave Pijuan-Nomura, thank you so much for the tip, worked like a charm!

Scobs26.06.09 / 21PM

thank you very much guys. had the same issue and solved it with your suggestion. ive simply turned off enable Version Cue and it solved the problem. ty very very very much^^

Gr00v3r30.06.09 / 6AM

Thank you that fixed it. I forgot about the preferences.Yeah for others my issues where it would not open any file without locking up. I could create a new file and if I saved it Photoshop would lock up.

prefabrik hazir ev21.04.08 / 6AM

Thanks younvery much for nice post. In my case it was Version Cue.

Dick Jones24.04.08 / 2AM

Photoshop crash Fix
as above but went further into prefs and found more and more until it was fixed - OK now
thanks DJ

Dick Jones24.04.08 / 2AM

Photoshop crash Fix
as above but went further into prefs and found more and more until it was fixed - OK now
thanks DJ

Michelle11.04.08 / 9AM


My problem occur when I try to save a file for the web. Photoshop CS3 crashes. I was able to save for web once, after that it continues to crash. I don't know what to do, would reinstalling it help?

Kris12.11.07 / 12PM

wow thanks guys i turned off enable Version Cue and it solved the problem.

Brian Peters30.10.07 / 21PM

Turning off “Enable Version Cue” in the File Handling section of Photoshop CS3 preferences was the only thing I did, and it solved the problem immediately.


Jürgen16.09.07 / 20PM


crashes are a problem of the 3.1.0 Version Cue Client:



Björn16.09.07 / 5AM

Thank you so much for writing this down. All the sudden today, both the open and save commands caused photoshop to crash. This fix solved it.

I deleted both .plist files, restarted, turned off the “enable Version Cue” in the preferences, and restarted again, so I don’t know which part of the fix that did the trick, but that doesn’t matter. Just glad it’s working again!

Dave Pijuan-Nomura28.08.07 / 23PM

I was having the same issues, and turning off ‘Enable Version Cue’ in the prefs solved it. Looks like my Version Cue is pooched.