Amcom - the saga continues

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Wow, those guys at Amcom are truly incompetent. After disconnecting my ADSL connection for no good reason and making me wait a week without even offering dialup before reconnecting me, I have now found out they connected the wrong number at the local telephone exchange, so all my calls are going through someone else's Telstra account and phone number. This means no-one has been able to contact us for days too.

So I decided to write to Amcom (yet) again, with a list of all that has occurred between us so hopefully they will understand the problem. I've copied the letter below.

Dear Amcom,

I am writing this email to communicate just how frustrated I am with the service I am paying you for. I just found out that no one has been able to call us at home because after mistakenly disconnected me and then reconnected me you plugged me into the wrong socket at the exchange so all my calls are going through some other phone number.

Following is a chronological list of the problems and stages I have been though with you:

1. While living at Unit 18, 12 Onslow Road, phone number 9380 6731, I asked for my Amcom ADSL plan to be changed to a lower plan but all my correspondence was ignored.
2. Because of problem 1 I decided to use a different provider when I moved into my new address.
3. I filled in and submitted a disconnection form for my flat in Onslow Road when I was due to leave and I was contacted by Maxine Mackintosh who persuaded me to use Amcom in my new house by offering me the discount I would have had if Amcom had lowered my plan as requested previously (see 1.)
4. I then filled in and submitted a relocation form to continue my Amcom account with a new connection in my current house, 2/65 Austin Street, phone number 9382 2889.
5. The new connection was completed swiftly and ADSL was working normally for around 6 weeks at my new address (Austin Street).
6. After 6 weeks I was disconnected at my new address. After numerous calls to technical support I found out that Amcom had disconnected me, believing the form filled in at my previous address two months ago somehow related to my current connection (see 3.)
7. Maxine contacted me by phone and asked whether I wanted to continue with Amcom and get it reconnected. Of course I said yes as I had just paid you $190 for the connection fee (and no-contract fee).
8. On Thursday the 28th of December I get the ADSL connection back and I also receive a bill from the accounts department charging me for time I have not been able to use the internet. I wrote an email but received no reply.
9. Today (31st of December 2006) I discover that no-one has been able to call because somehow Amcom has connected me to an entirely different phone line. Our home number is now 9381 7587, who knows who this belongs to. I call Telstra technical support and go through a really annoying process to discover you had made a mistake. They will change our number back on Tuesday or Wednesday next year but now I'm worried that the ADSL will get messed up.

So to summarise:

You have consistently made mistakes. I run a business (web design) and this has seriously impacted on my workflow. I live in a shared house where people can no longer contact us due to now having the wrong phone number. I wasn't able to contact my family back in England over the Christmas period with no internet connection. You have cost me time and money by messing up the connection and also the house phone number.

I would like you to:
1. Apologise.
2. Offer me some kind of financial benefit for the money and time you have cost me.
3. Assure me you won't mess me around any more.



Amcom phoned me up after emailing them the above letter and left an answerphone message. No apology, they simply passed the buck to Telstra and blamed them. My return email pointed out that none of this would have happened if they hadn't mistakenly disconnected me. Now I'm waiting for the next round of exchanges...

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Jason19.04.08 / 0AM

I can relate to the poor customer service at the telephone company, now I'm fighting not only with my local telephone service provider but my cell provider. The first epidsode my phone was actually ringing into someone elses house! that took weeks to clear up, then my unlisted number showed up on some site called Find Someones Phone Number and they basciallyl said they couldn't do anything about it, even though its unlisted! I'm in America so it's probably different, but I hate dealing with these bozos too! Maybe we all should start a telephone company. Have you ever thought about using VOIP?